Yes, this is a one-time treatment good for 45 days. It is used for localized dry spots to help water movement through hard dry soil and for seed germination.

My wetting agent, also called a surfactant, is specially formulated to break down tension and allow water to move easily through the soil profile. One watering is all it takes for the wetting agent to work its way into the soil!

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, this is a combination of specialized ingredients. When water falls onto a lawn, it follows the path of least resistance. When that path avoids certain areas, perhaps with harder soil, this creates localized dry spots. A soil wetting agent will treat problem areas allowing water to uniformly move through your lawns soil profile allowing deep water penetration.

  • Reduces localized dry spots
  • Reduces lawn wilt
  • Reduces summer stress
  • Increases water retention
  • Uniform water movement throughout your lawns root zone
  • Will not burn like many other treatments
  • Reduces The Cost of Watering your Lawn

This wetting agent breaks down the tension of the soil allowing water to get down to the root zone so that your new seedlings can develop the deepest roots possible.

No staining at all! This wetting agent is specially formulated to penetrate only soil and will simply wash away from anything like sidewalks without leaving a stain or residue.

This, like all the products I apply, is pet safe. It is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and biodegradable. It quickly moves off your lawn into the soil profile where it is created to work.

The wetting agent is applied to very fine particles of clay and designed to fall between the grass blades and work their way to the soil. When you water your lawn the wetting agent is released and begins to influence your soil by allowing uniform movement of water to your lawns root zone.

Golf courses, sports field managers, and especially agricultural crops use wetting agents. Anyone who is interested in getting the full value of the water being invested into a lawn will use a wetting agent.

The changing weather conditions in Western Washington make a wetting agent a smart investment if you plan on keeping your lawn alive with watering through the summer and/or seeding in the spring and fall.

The best time for applying a wetting agent is either in the summer – fall after aeration, or whenever seeding so the watering will be maximized and distributed to the new seedlings for deep root development.

The wetting agent I have selected will not burn and does not have to be watered in immediately.

After the first watering the wetting agent leaves your lawns grass blades and starts treating the soil. So it is safe for your kids to play after the first watering.

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