How Can I Fix My Lawn’s Poor Soil?

Does your lawn suffer from dead spots, water run-off, or standing water?  Many times the soil is the problem and the solution is to improve the soil.  Too often new sod is simply laid on top of clay soil, which gives little opportunity for the root zone to develop.  An excellent alternative to ripping out your lawn is to add a superior soil amendment after aeration. This soil amendment will improve aeration results in those worn out dead spots.  This is a specialty product and not available at nurseries or retail stores.  After aeration, the soil amendment is spread over the lawn to work into the root zone immediately.

This soil amendment will open compacted clay-based soils, speed lawn recovery, and stimulate soil biology without a big nitrogen push. This combination allows for oxygen movement through the soil and promotes an active microbial generated nitrogen cycle. This product can save those hard to grow areas and encourages quick recovery of “dead spots”.

Aerating Thatching Co Soil Amendment Info-graphic

Our soil amendment is a blend of organic and mineral materials including kelp meal, compost and humic acids which make up a sustainable microbial food source of short, medium and long chained carbons. The diversity of ingredients allows for a quick jump-start of soil activity, but one that will also be sustainable.

The mineral fraction of the soil amendment includes greensand, hard and soft rock phosphate, and calcium. This combination prevents de-mineralization of the soil allowing roots to take up nutrients as needed, and is a great way to provide a biological foundation.

Zeolites are very hard rock minerals that possess a crystalline structure and have the capability to absorb water when the surrounding soil is wet, creating better air movement in the soil and allowing for the controlled release of this water when moisture levels in the soil fall.

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