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Hi, I'm the owner and operator of Aerating Thatching Co. I've received extensive education about turf management in Western Washington. The first turf class I first attended was Golf Course Construction and Design in 1981, taught by Jerry Mackie at Bellevue CC. In 1994 I majored in turf management at South Seattle CC, taught by Steve Nord. I continue to receive advanced training and education at Wilbur-Ellis University seminars and at State Turf Facilities (Farm 5). I currently have approximately 3,000+ repeat clients who I am helping to maintain their beautiful and thriving lawns.

Seattle European Chafer Beetles

2020-02-19T20:45:44-08:00By |

New European Chafer Beetles Infesting Seattle Area Lawns After years of changing and challenging weather we have an unwelcome guest in the Seattle area. The European Chafer Beetle travelled via airplane from Vancouver, BC and the first major infestation was reported in Burien. Within the last few years their residence has expanded from the [...]

Seattle Area Sustainable Lawn Tips

2018-04-07T14:26:09-07:00By |

"Grass-cycling" or mulching your lawn with grass cuttings is very important to sustainable lawn maintenance. When mulching you are reintroducing nutrients back into the grass and not contributing to landfills. Keep in mind that you have to cut your lawn more often in order for this to work. Many people believe that mulching a [...]

Seattle Summer Lawn Watering Tips 2017

2018-08-22T07:54:04-07:00By |

As you know, the weather keeps changing in the greater Seattle area. We hit 90 degrees very early this spring. The weather has been getting hotter earlier and staying hotter later in the fall. If you are going to let your lawn go dormant this summer, you need to water 3-4 times a month [...]

Is Seattle’s Changing Weather Affecting Your Lawn?

2018-04-07T17:10:38-07:00By |

As many have noticed, 2015 brought a record early spring. March in Seattle is typically cold and wet. This year, warm spring air and blooming flowers came in the middle of February - a month early! I have lived here all my life and have never seen such an early spring. June was the [...]


2018-08-07T10:58:26-07:00By |

Renovating Your Lawn’s Existing Soil Many of my clients ask me how to improve their poor, tired soil. I suggest aerating your lawn and adding a fine compost product or fertimulch. After aeration, the compost material will be raked into the aeration holes. When the compost breaks down, it will help to actually change [...]