Stewart Armour is the owner and operator of Aerating Thatching Co., which has been thriving since 2004. Stewart currently has approximately 3,000 repeat clients, helping to maintain their beautiful and thriving lawns. His goal is not only immediate results, as he also concentrates on the long term sustainable benefits from his business relationship with his clients. Stewart continues to receive advanced training or education at Wilbur-Ellis University seminars and at State Turf Facilities (Farm 5).

Stewart participated in the Sports Turf Managers Association Conference in 2010 and 2011. This conference presents the most up-to-date information about lawn and turf care. During that time he also attended Soil First Academy (specializing in organic fertilizers and soil renovations) and also the 2007 Golf Course Applied Turf grass Physiology Training.

He loves to travel; highlights are having visited Egypt, Turkey and China. He loves many outdoor sports and working out.

Aerating Thatching Co Stewart Armour Owner 2

Stewart has received extensive education about turf management in western Washington. The first turf class he attended was Golf Course Construction and Design in 1981, taught by Jerry Mackie at Bellevue CC. In 1994, he majored in turf management at South Seattle CC, taught by Steve Nord.

After several years, he advanced to Clover Park Technical College and studied under a local golf course superintendent, John Ford. This class was for people employed in the golf course industry, which Stewart took twice during consecutive years. This allowed Stewart to walk over the same golf range with the same superintendents, watching situations develop through drought and weather changes and learning how to deal with them accurately and efficiently and seeing incredible hard worked results. This education has greatly helped him recognize and diagnose problems with client’s lawns and improve his ability to select the finest quality of seeds, fertilizers, and many other products used in maintaining and improving residential lawns. He toured many local golf courses and has consistently had the best superintendents in the area for lectures and Q&A.

Stewart is now sharing that knowledge and experience by providing this Q and A format on this website for the benefit of all.

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