Talparid so closely mimics the mole’s natural food that mole’s respond to the bait in the same way as an earthworm, thus gaining its reputation as “the bottom line in mole control. “If Talpirid doesn’t seem to work, consider: 1. Are you using gloves when applying the bait? Not using gloves may contaminate the bait with a human scent. 2. Are you applying product before or after a heavy rain? Rain and humidity can break down the bait faster than normal conditions. 3. Is a chemical insecticide or fertilizer being applied to the lawn? Chemicals that are applied before or after (within a few days) of applying Talpirid can affect the bait by contamination. Hence, the chemical gets on the bait by seeping through the tunnels. 4. Are you following the three-step process on the package? 5. Are you baiting properly once you find the main active run? If you bait without ever doing a test to find the active tunnel(s), than the bait may never be encountered and eaten by moles. You can test for an active tunnel by following the steps outlined on the package instructions.


  • Kills Moles in 24 hours
  • Talpirid mimics the mole’s natural food source and has the same size, shape and feel as earthworms
  • Contains 20 worm shaped baits (two individually sealed trays of 10)
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